Welcome to The Karmanator!

What is the link to the karma page at Sig Forum?

Just enter the URL for the first page of your Karma post. For Example:
Then hit the Pick a Winner button

Have Good Karma!


  • Every person who posted in the thread has an equal chance of winning.
  • Multiple posts DO NOT increase the chance of winning.
  • The script picks a winner at random and shows a link to the winner's profile - where you can easily get their email address
  • It also provides a listing of the all people who entered - so you can pick your own winner using your methodology of choice if you prefer. * Note to Karl - this does not mean just choose your best buddy
  • The script lists the name of the Karma thread - as well as the pages that were searched for names
  • You (the author of the thread) will be one of the names in the list - if the scipt picks you, just re-run the script to get another name
  • If you need mulitple winners just run the script multiple times by hitting the refresh button on the results page
  • The script grabs the names of everyone who posted in the thread so you need to check and see if the winner actually entered the Karma

  • Brought to you by Chance from SigForum

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